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One of the best

kat57 started this conversation

I'm back,  those are my new dentures,  that by way of miracle I was able to get.  The dentist is suppose to be one of the best,  but I'm so sorry to say, that after 3 months I think I have had them,  the roof of my mouth is starting to give me the same issues :( :(  wont somebody please please help me to get even 2 implants or mini implants,   the dentist said I could use mini implants if  these dentures didn't work out..   which they are only 1000.00 each compared to 2400.00 each.  only 'ha'.      Well those of you have read my stuff no my issues and I'm starting to get depressed again..

I'm fighting it though.  I have so missed comin on here and reachin out to others in my time of need..  it really does help.

So if there are any dentists or oral surgeons out  there that will help me, or give me a discount..  I would gladly be a poster child/adult for implants.

This is the best website,  people do care here, we may not have much finances to help,  but we have hearts of gold.. 

Well I will keep it brief this time.... Thanks for reading this and if you know ANYBODY that does teeth impants mini or otherwise that can help please let me know... I will put in a pic of me without  my teeth either in here or another post.. I think one my post there is a pic without teeth.. 

Its not about looks, yes I do look better with  teeth,  but its about health, and living, and not isolating and wishing I would die at times...  most of the time I try and keep a clear head.

We have to keep reaching out to people, and sharing our stories eventually somebody will hear and help...

Thank you

Kat   :)

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